International Courier Door to Door service
  Domestic Door to Door service
  Customer Clearance Service
  Freight Forwarder

       Promote our service to global network, if have any problem pls contact direct to our Centre Station

  Direct call to our Center office.
Fully focus on customer satisfy. Sale staff and Customer services will urgent follow up any request of customer.

TEL: +66 2 929-2250, 2 929-2251, 2 929-2252 / FAX : +66 2 929-2253
pick up at door-step of shipper and delivery at door step of consignee.
  Pre-pare all document for Customs requirement. (ex : Performa Invoice)
  Preserved data for Customer to have smoothly contact and track packaging.
  Direct contact to agent Over Asia network and other Continental for urgent result.
  World-Wide air service to delivery in all country and all continental in the World. Also, we can follow up every shipment by tracking step or contact to our office.
  FINAL POD REPORT PER MONTH (Depend to customer request and informed to sale staff or customer service dept.) focus on customer requirement